About Us


Founded by a team passionate about aviation, Encore Plane Parts is ready to help aircraft owners determine their next steps in aircraft ownership.  We have developed the PlaneFAST method to determine the value of the aircraft and give owners options for their future.

Our Mission

The mission of Encore Plane Parts is comprised of two core components:

  • To give an aircraft an Encore – we provide aircraft owners and management companies a solution for retiring their aircraft.
  • To give aircraft owners, flight departments, management companies and MRO’s a source for low cost time continued aircraft parts.

Our Values

At Encore Plane Parts we value our customers and vendors and the relationships we have built over our combined 15 years of industry experience.  Encore Plane Parts wants to offer our customers the best solution for their aircraft.  Whether it’s time to re-evaluate your aircraft needs to a larger or smaller cabin aircraft or trade in for a Jet Card or cash on the spot we are here to help.


Kevin Wargo


Kevin Wargo began in the aviation industry in 2011, after six successful years in the banking and the pharmaceutical industries. Kevin holds a MBA and Bachelors degree in business and is a leader and an entrepreneur.

Throughout his career in aviation, he and his teams have been responsible for hundreds of aircraft transactions, thousands of charter flights, and hundreds of millions of aircraft parts sales.  He and his teams have started FAA Part 145 aircraft maintenance repair stations in various states and a FAA Part 135 charter operation with aircraft ranging from light jets to ultra long range jets.

As an avid aviation enthusiast, investor, and an owner of many different types of aircraft Kevin is always excited to grow the business and look for new creative opportunities to make private travel more efficient.

Kevin resides in Orlando, FL along with this wife, Wendy, and two sons, Matthew and Jonathan.


Amber Martin


Amber Martin is the President of Encore Plane Parts. She has worked in the banking and finance industries before entering the aviation industry 6 years ago.  Amber has extensive experience in logistics, operations, customer service, vendor relations, aircraft charter, and aircraft sales.  Over the past six years she has facilitated over 150 aircraft sales and acquisitions.

She is based in Orlando, Florida and likes to travel and spend time with her nephews in her free time.


Emanuel Perez-Reyes
Manager, Facility and Fleet

Born in Wilmington, Delaware and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Manny has always had a passion for aviation. This love began when he started at Isla Grande Flying School. While studying for his private pilot’s license, Manny worked as key server and lead bartender in the most prestigious CC of Puerto Rico, Caparra Country Club. Here, he built strong long-lasting relationships with some of the wealthiest individuals on the island. During his time in pilot school and while balancing two jobs, Manny gained an invaluable experience in multitasking, time management, customer service and most importantly, offering his guest’s an experience that was paramount to all others.

Manny has always focused and believed that all his customers needed to be treated with the best service. These relationships formed over his schooling career lead him to Delaware, where he met the love of his life Jasmine & started their Family. Through this move, he was recruited by Kevin Wargo, a legend in the private aviation world, and has not left his side since 2014. The addition of Manny to the AAG, Encore and Wing Aviation Group companies has been invaluable & without his constant contributions in every department, the three companies would not be where they are today. Emanuel “Magic Manny” Perez-Reyes now resides in Winter Garden, Florida with his soul mate and three children.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, working on his toys and “ruff” housing with his American Staffordshire Terrier, Chase, the AAG warehouse mascot.